Cool Sites

Cool Artists

Yugo Limbo - Animation, illustration, comics, games. Makes funny, weird, gay art with a lot of 70s influence.

Bani-chan - Illustration. Beautiful and delicate pieces. Gothic and ethereal.

ZIK - Game Dev, pixel art. Fun, bombastic, slightly incomprehensible. Would recommend.

Cool Comics

"Lone Shadow" by Mia Nie (read in browser) - really cool autobio comic discussing trans philosophy and the author's experience as a trans woman using Sekiro as a narrative throughline.

"Delicatesse" by Val Wise (read in browser) - One of my absolute favourite short comics, do yourself a favour and read this right now and then give Val all of your money.

"THE SECOND SAFEST MOUNTAIN" by Otava Heikkila (itch.io download) - very cool comic I happened across on twitter of all places.

"Spikes" by Marlo Mogensen (itch.io download) - I'm a sucker for comics about gay assholes just living their lives. I know it's such a cliche of like the gay punk/alt comics scene but I love it. I also love "Tamatown" for the same reasons.


The Shape of Infinity by Jacob Geller - A cool video about the search for the representation of infinity in art.

The Anime Countryside by hazel - All of Hazel's videos are so fun and cozy. This one in particular is very sweet.

Dances Moving by Brian David Gilbert - A short video series that tells a story in a really touching and honest way through funny little dance class videos

Misc. Links

Good Writers are Perverts - Wonderful itch.io manifesto.

lolitahistory.com - A website dedicated to the history of Japanese lolita fashion. Their gallery page of old magazine scans is particularly cool, check it out!