Woah this girl really likes D&D huh....

Hello!! My name is Daro, or Alannah! One is basically my online name, the other my real name, don't worry about it. I made this website because I got sick of social media and fell in love with the small web. Social media is weird, it makes people stressed out and scared and flattens millions of users into a single demographic so there's so much in-fighting... I like personal websites. It's like being invited into someone's house. Thanks for coming into my house!

I'm an art school grad who kind of hated making art by the time I left university, so I'm still trying to figure out my boundaries when it comes to that. Maybe I'll figure out a sustainable way to make art for a living, but right now I've gotta fall back in love with it first. I'm not in a rush. As long as I have enough money to live I'm content with my simple life of drawing silly pictures, collecting cool clothes, playing fun and weird games, and kissing a pretty girl.

You wanna message me about anything? send me an email at wodaro.art @gmail.com

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Plans for this site:

  1. Update Soren page more (ALWAYS TOP O' THE LIST)
  2. Lolita fashion shrine/wardrobe page?
  3. Upload my zines
  4. Make a link archive of cool/useful sites
  5. Manifesto?? I've always wanted to make one...