About Me

Hey there! My name is Alannah and/or Daro (she/her.) I used to ONLY use Daro online, but once I started sharing my online art in physical spaces (first conventions, then galleries) it became confusing to explain why my art was under a different name. So I just started using my real name online too. Now I use both interchangeably! I'm an art kid still coming to terms with not being a kid anymore, a fan of weird moody comics and video games, and a human who's had the internet injected directly into my veins since I was 12 years old.

About This Website

I made this site for a few reasons! First, I wanted a space all of my own, separate from social media, to post my art and thoughts. I wanted this to be separate from my professional site, where I have my portfolio and polished work. This is a space to be messy and experiment with different ideas! It's just for me.

Second, I adore the independent web. The creativity I've seen throughout neocities and various indie web circles is so inspiring, and I love seeing people create their own communities, rather than letting social media create it for them.


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