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2023/01/04- 100 Days Of Comics (Week Three) & New Year

so.... starting this challenge during the Christmas season might not have been the smartest idea ^^; I definitely have not been working on it every day. But!!! I knew going into this that I would have a hard time keeping up the pace. That's why I'm keeping this project small. The most important thing is that I don't give up!

Other than rough sketches I don't have much to show. I'm hoping now that the holiday season is over I'll be able to focus more on it! I've been drawing a lot more lately, so I'm hoping to keep up the pace (while taking breaks and being careful not to burn myself out... again...)

My goal this year is to make more art, go to conventions again, and participate in more zines. I want to get my art out there! But I know to do this without burning out I have to be making art that I'm decently satisfied with, and have fun making. Which I haven't for a while, so it's a tricky situation! The way I'm hoping to make this happen, is to work on finding a way of making art that's fun for me again! Art making used to be a very joyful and engaging experience for me! But school made it, well.. tedious. Like filling out a checklist. I've been playing around a bit again, and though I haven't found a process that clicks with me yet (hence why my recent stuff has mostly just been sketchwork) I HAVE been having fun sketching D&D characters and OCs, and chatting with my friends about them. It feels like a return to some of the things I loved about making art and characters as a kid.

Anyway, I think I'll end it here for now. As much as I love reading big blog posts, I want to keep these entries short for now, so I don't find them too overwhelming. I will try to write the next entry for next week! :)