Do you like art? Indie comics? How about video games? Yes? Well then you're in the right place!

Welcome to my site, where I post about the art that I make as well as the art that I enjoy! Feel free to spend as much time here as you like, and email me at wodaro.art@gmail.com if you want to chat or have an idea for a collaboration!

Games I've Worked On


2023.03.06 - New blog entry, and new site badge! You can find it on the links page, tho I'll put it in the footer at a later date.

2023.02.02 - Edited the blog so each entry has its own page. Also added some cute adopts to the link page!

2023.01.04 - New blog entry!

2023.01.03 - Added a temporary landing page!

2022.12.19 - Changed a couple visuals here and there, and finally uploaded my WKTD shrine!

2022.12.14 - Made my first blog post! Also, I'm part of a webring now! Check out the Melonland Surf Club!

2022.11.08 - Finally redid the colours to personalize things a little more, and edited text here and there.. I've been working on an e-shrine for my favourite video game, though it's not ready yet!

2022.09.19 - Redid the layout using Sadness' layout generator! Right now everything is still default colours. I want to try and get my basic content here before I worry too much abt graphics/artwork.

2022.06.20 - Been busy! Finally added the about and hobbies pages! Will add pictures and pretty them up later.

2022.04.24 - Created this website! Not much here yet, but I'll keep working on it!